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Pure Natural soaps handcrafted by Sumptuous Soaps and fragranced by NATURE!
"Sumptuous Soaps"-carefree handmade soaps in Pullman, Washington






cook's helper pure natural soap

Cook's Helper Pure Natural Soaps: recall how coffee can clear the palate between tasting wines, and the odor of coffee can clear the scent between sampling perfume?, these pure natural soaps contain fresh coffee grounds to help deodorize hands after chopping onions and garlic. In addition, lemon cubeo essential oil adds a fresh lemony scent while naturally killing germs. Great natural soaps for the kitchen! $5.00

evergreen pure natural soap

Evergreen Pure Natural Soaps: These pure natural soaps are scented with a blend of evergreen essential oils: pine, fir, cypress & cedarwood. Like walking in an evergreen forest! Green in color. $5.00


garden sunshine pure natural soaps
Hrb Garden Pure Natural Soaps: These pure natural soaps are fragranced with many herbal essential oils and with ground herbs added for texture & natural beauty. $5.00



honey oatmeal pure natural soap

Honey Oatmeal Pure Natural Soaps: These pure natural soaps are unscented, but warm and soothing with ground oatmeal & honey. $5.00


merryberry pure natural soap

Huckleberry Pure Natural Soaps : These pure natural soaps are marbled purple and cream. Fragranced with huckleberry fragrance oil. Mmmm! Watch out for bears. $5.00



lavender rosemary oatmeal pure natural soaps

Lavender Rosemary Oatmeal Pure Natural Soaps: These pure natural soaps are fragrance with lavender & rosemary essential oils, with ground lavender, rosemary and oatmeal for their exfoliating qualities, very soothing refreshing natural soaps.
Rectangular: $5.00

lemon calendual pure natural soap

Lemon Calendula Pure Natural Soaps: These pure natural soaps are what I would call triple lemon, with lemon grass, lemon cubea and lemon essential oils. Ground calendula blossoms provide a natural yellow color to these natural soaps. $5.00

lime mint pure natural soaps
Cucumber-Melon Pure Natural Soaps : These very popular pure natural soaps contain an invigorating combination of cucumber and melon fragrance oil, marbled green with aquamarine for a look as fresh as their appearance. $5.00
orange glow pure natural soap

Orange Glow Pure Natural Soaps : These pure natural soaps contain orange, cinnamon, clove and patchouli oils which produce a warm sensual scent; orange peel acts as an exfoliant and fragrance fixative in these natural soaps. Naturally a warm orange in color. Somewhat addictive. $5.00


peppermint oatmeal pure natural soaps
Peppermint Oatmeal Pure Natural Soaps: the darker green in these natural soaps are from ground peppermint leaves; the pure peppermint essential oil provides a cooling freshness and ground oatmeal stimulates and soothes the skin. A truly invigorating experience. $5.00

Sea Salt Pure Natural Soaps : Unscented with sea salt. You can have the benefits of a mineral bath in the shower. Try it! $5.00

pure and simple pure natural soaps

Pure & Simple Natural Soaps: Why unscented pure natural soaps? Some people are sensitive to any fragrance; besides, the quality of natural soaps is something one savors, perhaps even more without the scent; good choice for babies. $5.00


Lavender Sea Salt Pure Natural Soaps: Sea salt for a mineral bath in the shower with lavender essential oil for a wonderful fragrance. $5.00


rosemary peppermint pine pumice pure natural soaps

Anise-Clove Pumice Pure Natural Soaps: With finely ground pumice and anise, clove and patchouli essential oils, these pure natural soaps are great way to clean dirty or greasy hands without drying them out. Also good for feet, elbows, etc. $5.00


Citrus Sea Salt Pure Natural Soaps : Naturally golden with tumeric. Citrus essential oils and sea salt for the benefits of a mineral bath in the shower. $5.00

sweet earth pure natural soaps

Sweet Earth Pure Natural Soaps : These are some of our most popular natural soaps, with lavender, patchouli essential oils and vanilla fragrance, providing a sweet earthy aroma, with ground rosehips for exfoiation and a beautiful color. $5.00


sweet lavender pure natural soaps

Sweet Lavender Pure Natural Soaps: These pure natural soaps contain lavender essential oil and myrrh fragrance for a sweeter (as opposed to herbal) lavender scent, a marbled lavender & blue color. Definitely a favorite of many! $5.00

Pacific Pure Natural Soaps: With spearmint, bergamot mint, clary sage, eucalyptus essential oils, super refreshing, like the ocean. Agreat deodorant bar. Marbled aqua with aquamarine. A fresh and soothing aroma. $5.00

neem oil face and body pure natural soaps
Neem oil face & body pure natural soaps: our body soap formula with added neem oil for eczema & psoriasis and acne problems. These pure natural soaps make wonderful facial soaps, extra moisturizing $5.00

tea tree natural jojoba shampoo bar

Natural Jojoba Shampoo Bars (four varieties): all have extra lathering and conditioning qualities due to castor oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter, suitable for hair, skin, also as a pet shampoo. Each variety contain essential oils which are healthy for the scalp and hair. We love the convenience of a shampoo bar! No other conditioner needed. Makes a great shaving soap too!

Tea Tree Natural Jojoba Shampoo Bars also contains basil and lemon grass essential oils. Good for dandruff. $5.00

Peppermint-Lemon (Formula Four) Natural Jojoba Shampoo Bars $5.00

lavender patchouli rosewood neem oil natural jojoba shampoo bar

Woodland Natural Jojoba Shampoo Bars contain cedarwood and rosemary essential oils. A men's favorite $5.00

Lavender & Patchouli Neem Oil Soap & Natural Jojoba Shampoo with added neem oil which is beneficial for dandruff, psoriosis, eczema, dry scalp, lice or for fleas as a pet shampoo. Round $5.00

Formula Five Natural Jojoba Shampoo Bars with geranium, lavender, cedarwood and clary sage essential oils, silk, aquamarine. $5.00


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